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External output equipment designed to deliver a hard material output of texts or graphics in the form of paper and other printing materials is known as a printer. Printers have always been one of the key electronic equipment for businesses of all kinds. Now, they have become an essential part of even small home offices and individual home users, such as students, business professionals, etc.


The printer uses a simple technology of converting all your soft or digital inputs into hard physical materials. This conversion is handled by the printer either using software or driver, which varies according to the brand and type of printer you might be using.

Minuscule dot printing is performed by the printer to convert digital to hard documents. The technology and functionality used by a printer are what differentiate one type from another. Now, let us have a look at the different types of printers.

Types of Printers

At present, the types of printers that are widely used and popular come under the laser and inkjet printers category. Printers can be classified according to different functions, like printing material, size, impact, etc., and we shall discuss all the different types of printers generally used in the section below:

Laser Printers – These devices use laser technology to print the images from the digital file on to the hard document. They are known to be much more efficient than Inkjet models, which is why businesses and large-scale printing requirement-based users own them.

Color – laser printers use color cartridges for printing and they generally have around 4 ink containers.

Monochrome – They have 1 ink container or cartridge and they are the perfect choice for those who predominantly require only black and white printing.

Inkjet Printers – These printers are mainly used for small- and medium-scale use, making it a perfect choice for home users.

All in one MFP – This multi-function all-in-one printer is known to give you the options of printing, scanning, and copier.

Photo inkjet – These are mainly used by photographers since the photo printing quality is exceptional with this model. Some of the high-end printers even use 12 ink containers.

SFP – Single function inkjet printer can be used only for printing color and monochrome.

A3 Printer – These printers support the wide A3 paper printing feature, which is essential for businesses and those who need oversize printing.

Solid Ink Printers – These devices use a trademark ink technology-based printing, wherein a solid stick ink is melted down during the printing process. The main benefit of this is the vibrant tone printing finish, cost-effectiveness, and save a lot of space in packaging. Also, the fact that vegetable oils are used in this device, it is eco-friendly.

Large Format Printer – These devices are specialized expensive ones designed for large scale oversized document and photo printing.

LED Printers – The only difference between a laser and an LED printer is that, here a LED is used instead of laser beam technology for the printing purpose. Compared to laser ones, these are cost-effective, reliable, and efficient.

Portable Photo Printer – These are portable and intended for printing photos especially during travel.

Dot Matrix – These are old generation printers used mainly in banks and other accounting offices.

3D Printers – They are used for 3D model printing and are one of the latest sensations in the printing industry. We shall discuss it in the section below.

What is 3D Printing?

A 3D printer is used for bringing all the intricate artworks, images, and graphics into reality via 3D prototypes. Premium resin is used by these printers in developing 3D models from graphics. 3D printing involves additive printing technology and the printing process takes time, but the output quality is going to be amazing.

Earlier, these printers were expensive but now they are affordable and deliver strong performance.

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