Best Printer for Stickers (5 Top Picks) – 2020

Sticker printing might be a hobby for some, but for businesses that rely on labeling and other graphical representation, finding the best printer for stickers is valuable. Certain brands are completely reliant on such printers to deliver the same level of quality in the graphics representation or artistic work they have done.

It does not matter whether you are a great artist, your business could only succeed if you have a reliable printer to match the same level of quality and deliver similar or an enhanced version of your creation.

Printer Quality

Finding the best printer for stickers is highly important for labeling and sticker-based business organizations because the high-quality representation of their work is what makes a huge difference. If the printer is not able to deliver the same level of quality, then it is your business that is going to face issues.

There are plenty of good printers available in the market, but the best ones sure stand out from this lot. Some printers are known for vinyl sticker printing, whereas some for paper and some even do both. Choosing one should be based on your stream of work and the type of requirements you might have in the future too.

Before we talk about some of the best printers available in the market for stickers, we would like to share some information on some of the key factors you need to know in order to make the right purchase.

Top 5 Best Printer for Stickers 2020

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1. Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless Inkjet Printer


We all know the brand Canon, which is widely regarded to be one of the best electronics equipment manufacturing companies in the world. If you are looking for the best printer for stickers, especially in the inkjet printer category, then Canon Pixma Pro-100 is the pick for you. All kinds of stickers, waterproof labeling, and other printing duties can be handled in the best fashion possible using this printer.

Pro-100, in particular, has a whole lineup of features, which makes it the right choice for many reasons. The area and back tray adds to the versatile paper management characteristics of the printer. CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray printing are also built-in, and the fact that it is compatible across all kinds of devices makes it an enticing choice to be your next printer for your intended purpose.

This model includes the unique 8 different dye-based colors, which are responsible for delivering premium quality finish to the stickers. The printer also uses Canon FINE print technology, which ensures precision and quality printing throughout. Picture sticker printing is going to be of high standards, as it uses the advanced image generating system, which optimizes the picture quality.

Apple AirPrint and smartphone connectivity-based printing solutions make it user convenient. The 3 grayscale dedicated ink slots enable large scale black and white printing. The cost per printing is quite high just like the operating and maintenance costs. Apart from AirPrint connectivity, you also get USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

  • Premium quality color sticker printing.
  • Unique 8 dye color system.
  • High operating and maintenance costs.
  • Printing speed can be better.
  • No all-in-one functionality.



2. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 – Best Printer for Stickers


Epson is one of the pioneers in printer manufacturing and their printers are known for their quality, performance, and versatility. If you are looking for the best in the all-in-one printer category, then this should be ranked high on that list. ET-2750 is widely known for its low cost to print, which is its USP. There is hardly anything to falter when it comes to color printing quality, affordability, and performance.

This Supertank all-in-one printer is highly rated by experts as an excellent choice, considering the wide range of features and value for money printing it delivers. Expression ET-2750 ticks all the boxes in becoming the best value for the money printer. Although the upfront cost is high, the super tank ink storage allows you to print consistently for over a period of 2 years.

Some of the highlighting features corresponding to this model are the voice-activated printing service, multiple document printing, MicroPiezo 4-color Inkjet printing technology, and on top of that, 2-year brand warranty. It is quite hard to find such a complete package when searching for a versatile printer for stickers.

  • Low cost of color printing.
  • EcoTank is both cost-effective and long-lasting.
  • Wi-Fi direct connectivity feature.
  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for photo printing.
  • Print quality can be better.



3. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Printer

Best Printer for Stickers

We stay at Epson, but here we are going to discuss one of their bestselling premium Inkjet printers that is affordable. We can also call it the premium entry-level printer that is tailored towards individuals and businesses that focus on productivity. The XP-7100 is a model developed exclusively for stickers and other graphics design printing.

The unit is compact and can be used even in a small workspace, allowing you to operate a high-performance device for printing stickers right at your home office. If you are totally into vinyl stickers and photo printing, then the XP-7100 should be the ultimate choice purely because of the premium printing quality and the performance it delivers.

The multiple connectivity features include Wi-Fi, SD card reader, Ethernet, and USB, which make printing simple and efficient at the same time. Custom collage can be developed using the smartphone print application which is also one of its major highlights. This is one versatile printer for stickers, as you can use it for most purposes including scan and copy.

Printing performance is amazing and the 2-side printing feature only makes the process less time-consuming. Touchscreen user control is intuitive and allows you to have complete control over the printing process. The maintenance costs and plastic build quality are some of its niggles.

  • 5 cartridge sticker specific printing feature.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Automatic document feeder.
  • Running and maintenance costs.
  • Poor build quality.



4. Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220 Sticker Printer


The PIXMA series of printers from Canon is widely popular amongst individual and business customers. The quality of printing and performance is quite good, especially for stickers. This particular model is a perfect option for printing stickers, for those who are not going to handle extensive stickers and labeling. The black design and build quality do look good. The all-in-one capabilities of printing, scanning, and copier make it a versatile model available at an affordable price.

Apart from sticker printing, this printer also acts as an everyday printing solution, allowing you to handle all your printing needs efficiently. The 5-cartridge system is good for sticker printing and it also lets you refill only those that are empty and not all. The LCD touchscreen control is not the most advanced but works just fine.

Canon Print App is not the most intuitive connectivity solution, but there is AirPrint, Mopria, and other Bluetooth connectivity options, which ensure quick and efficient printing. An entry-level, creativity-focused printer for stickers is what you can expect from this model. Lack of third party ink refill support does shoot up the cartridge refilling and running costs.

  • Inexpensive.
  • 5 cartridge sticker specific printing function.
  • All-in-one features.
  • Apple AirPrint and other Bluetooth printing support.
  • Running costs are high.
  • Ink refill costs are high.



5. Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer


If you have a specific need for wider sticker and label printing, the Epson R2000 should fit perfectly in your home or office. The 13” wider printing capability allows you to bring all your creative graphics art to life in the form of high-quality photo print or stickers.

The R2000 also uses the class-leading Epson trademark UltraChrome Hi-Gloss twin pigment ink technology, which is responsible for delivering vibrant stickers and other prints. The quality of these prints should astonish anyone having a look at it. The ink cartridges are much larger and have individual compartments, so the refill frequency is going to be much lower than the others.

The R2000 provides rich and vibrant prints and the cost of this printer is also quite high, making it a premium and expensive option for sticker printing. For business professionals, graphics designers, and those involved in premium sticker and label printing business, this is one reliable option you can find. USB, Wireless, and Ethernet connectivity are high speed and deliver strong and secure connectivity.

The build quality is high class and is quite expected considering its expensive price-tag. The trademark ink technology delivers high-quality matte and gloss stickers, labels, and other prints. The printer head is quite hard to maintain and should be handled with care, as it is not replaceable.

  • Premium studio-quality sticker and label prints.
  • 13” wide print support.
  • 8 ink individual large cartridge system.
  • Premium sticker printing feature specifications.
  • High maintenance and operating costs.
  • Expensive printer unit.
  • Printing speed.
  • The printer head is not replaceable and is hard to maintain.



We have discussed in detail about some of the leading printers you could purchase in the market for sticker and label printing in particular. Now, we would like to share some information on some of the key factors you need to know in order to make the right purchase.

Factors to consider

Whenever you are planning on making an electronics equipment or gadget purchase of any sort, you must understand some of the basic factors associated with it. This is very important to shortlist the best printer for stickers. Here, we shall discuss some of those key factors to consider one by one.

Question Yourself

This is by far the best way to arrive at answers and shortlist all your requirements in one go. It is easier said than done but asking questions related to the printer purchase can be extremely helpful, and it involves queries like-

What is your printing frequency rate?
Which color do you use the most for printing?
What is the sticker printing size you often handle?
What is the type of paper you use for sticker printing?
What are your other printing needs?
Do you use a standard size or the printing size vary?

Finding answers to these questions is key since that will assist you in making the best decision. For example, if you are going to perform extensive sticker printing, then you should opt for a laser printer over inkjet type. Similarly, a laser sticker printer also lets you perform the printing activity on multiple types of paper and the overall speed of the printing is also going to be high.

On the other hand, an inkjet printer should be the right choice if you are going to handle the photo grade sticker printer and also looking to achieve rich colored stickers printed.

Sticker Material

Paper and Vinyl are the two different types of materials used in sticker printing, and each of these materials has its own set of benefits. As far as paper is concerned, it is cost-effective, perfect for indoor sticker printing, which is perfect for photo stickers. Paper stickers are easy to tear compared to vinyl, but the only drawback here is that this material is vulnerable to weather conditions.

Vinyl stickers are expensive but are the most preferred choice in the case of outdoor sticker printing services. PVC based material is used in vinyl sticker paper, so they are durable and last much longer than paper stickers.

Printer Purpose

The purpose of why one might look for a printer for printing stickers would differ from one individual or business to another. Some of you might need an all-in-one versatile printer for performing printing, scanning, copy, and other functions, whereas others might need it just for sticker printing. Double-sided printer and the all-in-one printer should be the best choice for those looking to perform multiple actions using the printer.

Brand Evaluation

When it comes to printers, there are few brands known to possess years of experience, technology, and reliability. Some of you might prefer certain brands over others either due to your personal experience or the quality of their products.

Be sure to choose the right one by evaluating product features, customer reviews, highs, lows, etc. Brand customer support is also one of the essential factors to consider because printers need regular service and maintenance for optimum performance.


Finding the best printers should be based on the value of the money aspect too. Be sure to stick to your budget when selecting the right printer for your needs, and set a range rather than a fixed amount, because that will give you the flexibility of choosing the right printer. Cost per sticker printing, ink refill costs, service and maintenance costs, etc. should also be taken into consideration.

Ink Management and Service Schedule

A printer can be classified as the best only if it is capable of delivering excellent ink and service management. Ink refills should be easy to find and not be expensive too. The cost of refills and market availability also play a major role in finding the perfect versatile printer for stickers. In some cases, ink refills would cost a lot more than you think which might not be the right choice.


Sticker and label printing professionals and businesses rely a lot on their printers to deliver high-quality results. Owning a quality printer for stickers is vital for delivering your business promise to all your customers.

We have discussed above some of the top printers for stickers here, and each of these models is unique, so make sure that you select the one that best fits into your office space or home.

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