Best Printers for Mac -2020 (The Perfect Choice)

We know that you have searched the web for a reliable source of information about some of the best printing devices for Mac. Here, we have shortlisted some of the top printer devices for Mac, which should help you print, scan, and perform other functions using the same for your business and personal purposes.

The reason why you need to search for the right printer, in particular, is because this will allow you to make the connection with your Mac either via wire or wirelessly in a quick fashion. Sometimes, looking just for a printer won’t be the right choice because they might not be compatible with your Mac.

Best Printers for Mac – 2020 (Our Top 5 Picks)

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1. Brother MFC-J480DW Inkjet All-in-one Printer

Brother MFC-J480DW

Brother is one of the leading manufacturers of printers, scanners, cutting machines, and other machinery. They have been around for more than a century, which should tell you about the experience that this company has and the quality of products you could expect from such a brand.

Brother is often related to printers, as they are well known in the market for their multifunction printers and other printer products. The MFC-J480DW is one of the best wireless inkjet all-in-one printers in the market and is widely considered to be the best printer for Mac.

This one uses a compact design but performs like an industry-grade printer, which is one of its major highlights.

The quality of the print, color scan, fax, etc. is really good, and since it is a wireless printer, there is no clutter involved and the whole printing process is simple, smooth, and efficient. The auto document feeder is another convenient feature that allows you to handle a whole bunch of printing duties without having to stop in the middle for processing.

The 1.8” LCD navigation display is precise and allows you to control all the functions of the printer efficiently. The simple and quick ink replacement procedure is also one of its highlights. The separate ink compartment and individual bays for cartridges make the process simple.

You can also use all kinds of smart devices to connect with this printer and handle tasks, which is a neat touch for sure. Apple AirPrint and other cloud-based print solutions are supported.

The black color looks good, and with compact dimensions and 17.64 pounds weight, it is certainly a perfect printer to have in your home office.

  • High-speed print performance
  • Apple AirPrint support
  • Ink compartment with dedicated ink bays
  • Cost-efficient ink refills
  • Build quality can be improved
  • Buttons and LCD display needs improvement

2. Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer with Scanner For MacOS

best printers for mac

Canon is one of the pioneers in optical product manufacturing and we all are aware of the quality of their cameras and lenses. The TS9120 is a well-priced and reliable printer for Mac.

As with most of the products from this brand, even this one has a premium build, performance, and solid quality.

It uses a simple, elegant, and neat design language, and comes in 3 different shades, which are black, gray, and gold. It is a wireless printer and copier, just like the previous model, and it also supports Apple AirPrint and Cloud Print from Google, so convenience and compatibility should not be an issue.

This is a premium home printer and has all the features of print, scan, and copy that you’d expect from a reliable printing device.

A built-in memory card reader also makes the job of printing your favorite photos or other digital documents, graphics designs, and so on simple and efficient.

The 5” touchscreen LCD control panel is great and is definitely one of the best user interfaces you could find in a printer at the moment. It also has a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc player, which can be used for printing all your age-old archive documents, memorable pictures, and so on.

A complete set of 6 individual color ink tanks can be easily replaced.

  • Lightweight.
  • 6 individual ink tanks
  • Compact design
  • 2 paper inputs
  • Print quality
  • SD card, Disc, and Ethernet support
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

  • No Wi-Fi direct
  • Lack of automatic document feeder
  • No NFC
  • Printing speed can be better

3. HP Color LaserJet Pro M479FDW Laser Printer

HP Color LaserJet Pro M479FDW Laser Printer

HP is another technology giant with a strong presence in both hardware and software solutions in the information technology industry. Their laptops and printers are much sought after by multi-national companies and professionals worldwide.

The M479FDW is one of the best devices in the category that comes under the laser printer category. This is a multi-function laser printer that has all the features required for both home and business use.

The ink cartridge system used in this model is its main highlight, and it only has two options – black and color. These cartridges can last forever, especially when used in a small office or home purposes.

Cost per print value is excellent, and even when printed on a large scale, this value is exceptional, making it the best printer for Mac. The automatic document feeder functionality also comes with duplex scanning, which should be a treat, especially for business professionals who are used to scanning loads of files on a regular basis.

The overall design and build quality are excellent and so is the ultra-fast printing speed. The 4.3” touchscreen display control is one of the best user interface controls in all of the printers too. It has all the features that make it a reliable printer for Mac, apart from Bluetooth connectivity and photo printing quality.

The mobile application-based printing functionality is also not up to the mark. But, the ability to print files using your smartphone without having LAN is one of its strong features for sure.

  • Excellent value for money.
  • High-quality cartridge system.
  • Ultra-fast printing performance.
  • Duplex scanning and automatic document feeder.
  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity option.
  • Photo printing quality needs improvement.
  • Large and heavy.

4. Canon All-in-one MF644CDW Duplex Laser Printer

Canon All-in-one MF644CDW Duplex Laser Printer

The MF644CDW is one of the exceptional laser printer models for Mac devices, and the fact that it is an all-in-one duplex laser printer only makes the deal sweeter. The black and white finish and overall design of this printer look great.

This is one hell of an all-in-one printer, as it comes with all the features you need in a printer for your home or office. The fax with handheld support is one of the main highlighting connectivity features you get in this model.

The duplex scanning feature, just like the previous model, makes it a treat for professionals involved in that stream of work. Toners are reliable and can print for a long period of time before you have to make a new purchase, but buying a new one isn’t cheap, which is a drawback.

This large and 48.4 pounds weighing printer is not compact and needs a dedicated position, so it might not be suitable for some with a small workstation. The 5-inch touchscreen interface is great but can be glaring at times, which might be disturbing. Photo printing and color accuracy are not that great.

Apart from these minor shortcomings, this is definitely high quality and reliable printer for Mac. Mobile printing, secure print feature, and one-touch printing add to the convenient elements of the device.

  • Solid build quality.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Low cost per print.
  • Excellent connectivity options.
  • Strong printing performance.
  • The display screen can cause glare.
  • Toner cost is very high

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 Printer

The OfficeJet Pro 8035 5LJ23A is also one of the good printers for Mac, especially for family buyers. This Inkjet all-in-one printer is not the best in the market, but it sure offers great value for money for individual buyers looking for a printer for their personal house use.

The plastic build quality is not the best, but you have the option of owning it in 3 different color choices, namely basalt, coral, and oasis. Each of these shades adds a bit of design and style to the printer and some of you might like the finish.

The printer is compact and designed for small workspaces, so should be perfect for the home. The touchscreen control screen is 3.3” in size, which is small compared to others in our discussion here.

The automatic document feeder and scanning function make it a decent purchase. The black ink performance is not up to the mark and so is the photo printing quality. Color print cost per print ratio is better compared to black ink, which is a letdown.

Although it might not be the best-suited one for business purposes, it should be a perfect model if you have school kids. The printing speed and cartridge performance can be improved.

  • Automatic document feeder.
  • Touchscreen tilt-able user interface.
  • Black ink yield can be better.
  • No duplex scanning feature.
  • The cost to print rate is high especially for black printing.



We have discussed in detail about 5 best printers you can consider for your Mac and we hope this discussion was a valuable piece of information that should assist you in making the right purchase decision.

Each of these models has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, so it is up to you to decide on the type of printer for your Mac.

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Printer for Mac OS

Mac-compatible Printers

There are a lot of printers available for Mac devices and most of these printers and scanners tend to be compatible with almost all of the Mac family devices, even iPhone, iPad, etc. If you own an extensive lineup of Apple products, then it is a wise decision to come up with a list of good printers for Mac.

In business case scenarios, Mac is used for handling certain high-end graphics and other intense computing tasks; thus, you need to get the best printer for Mac, in order to reap maximum benefits.

Most of the printers that are designed to be compatible with a Mac are found to be built using the best high-end technologies and feature specifications.

A couple of years ago, not all printers used to support Mac devices; but now, things have changed. Most of these high-end printers come built-in with macOS drivers, so you can plugin and start printing right away.

Some of the budget models allow you to download macOS drivers and install them on the printer in order to use them for printing and scanning. Another aspect to note here is that most of the printers available in the market for Mac are all-in-one devices, which means they support Windows too.


Most of us who own a Mac would have definitely owned a Windows OS based laptop or PC. More than 90% of Mac users would own a Windows, but why do you need to push towards making this purchase? If you are not sure whether to go for the best printer for Mac, we would like to enlighten you a bit on this particular fact.

If you are a graphics designer, artist, publisher, illustrator, CAD designer, or any professional who works on Adobe applications a lot, you should certainly go for one of these devices. Mac supported printers deliver enhanced quality over Windows compatible printers because Mac is known for its high-quality software and graphics.

Mac-only printers are also available in the market, which can be chosen in order to receive the best quality results from the print. Even if you are looking for a 3D printer, make sure to check for Mac compatibility by either discussing with the manufacturer or go through the user manual to check for compatibility.

Finding the Right One

Sorting out all the different printers in the market to shortlist the best printer for Mac is not an easy task. We know that it is a time-consuming and tedious task, which is the reason why we have made the process simple for you.

Our experts have tested these printers using Mac and Windows devices, and this list is developed only based on these results. If you are going to test it out once on your own, then we would suggest you to check whether the printers are macOS Bonjour protocol compatible.

All the modern versions of printers do come with Mac support, which should make your job a bit easy.

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